Curved Arch


I imagin it is pretty simple to do - but I just cant seem to figure out how to create a curved arch doorway.

If you were to create a 3’x7’ door opening with a curved top - how would you do it? right now i have a wall on each side and then a seperate piece going across the top which i molded into a curved shape but it still has jagged edges.

Also, if i wanted to run a trim profile around that curve what would be the best way to that as well?

Thanks a lot!

Well, what if you did this

  1. Make the shape out of a curve,
  2. Then put a brick at the base,
  3. Then add a curve and array modifier to the brick, and put the array on top of the curve modifier
    and that should do it.

Thanks for your reply.

When you say to create the shape from a curve, would you proceede as follows…

  1. Create bez curve to my satisfaction in correct location.
  2. convert to mesh?
  3. extrude up?

Also, instead of a brick - how would you suggest having a wood trim profile follow the same curve?

Thanks again!

Great vid here for that kind of thing:


can you show some pictures of what you trying to do as curve
then might be easier to guide you on how to