Curved box made from bezier not smooth

I’m creating a sign that is basically a box, where two sides of it are curved inwards. I started with a path created from Adobe Illustrator. In Blender, I made sure it was a bezier. When I convert it to a mesh, the curved edges are not high enough resolution to appear smooth. Sure, I can tell that side of the box to display as smooth, but the edges of the curve still look polygonal. I’ve tried subdividing the curve prior to converting it, but I get the same result. Once it’s been converted to a mesh, the closest way to achieve what I want is to bevel the edges on the curved side over and over but this seems like a lot of work and I guess not very “accurate”…? I feel like there has to be a better way to do this.

EDIT: I left out one part, which seems to be where the problem exists: after converting the curve to a mesh, I select all the faces on and apply a “limited dissolve” to get rid of all the triangles it produces on what should be a flat face. I guess this is ALSO removing the added faces on the SIDES which is not what I want.

Have you tried adjusting the bezier resolution?

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Thanks for the tip! I tried that, and it worked great, but then I messed it up (see ‘edit’ above). I guess what I need now is a way to convert and extrude a simple spline shape without getting all those messy triangles on what should be a flat surface…

Oh my bad—I didn’t realize I had the ability to fine-tune my “limited dissolve” results… Got it! Thanks again!

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