curved corners show square in final render

Hey guys, modeling a boat and all is fine and dandy when in edit mode and even render mode but when I go to render for an image the smooth corners show as angled. 1st pic is object mode, pic #2 is in camera view and pic#3 is final render.




Are you sure that the camera icon in the modifier is on, if not, your subdivision will not show up in the final render.

I was pretty excited when I read your comment, thinkg that was it but its not… Check out these two pics…One in render mode and the other is final render…

I dont understand, driving me crazy.

Ok… so if I apply all the modifiers and then do the render, everything looks fine but I really dont want it to be that way. Since I like to capture images through out the modeling process, applying the modifiers, rendering and then a bunch of undo’s then re-applying the modifiers again would be way too much of a hassle. Any other ideas on what it could be?

Man, I feel like a complete idiot. Figured it out.

Why do you turn this into a guessing game?
Please ALWAYS supply an example .blend file with any support question. All the answers are in there.

Crank up Subsurf level of your render to match view. You have 4 for view and 2 for render.

Yep this - your render subsurf level should be at least as high as your view level - otherwise your final render will be less subdivided than your view.

They are separated like this so that you don’t suffer massive viewport performance hit for highly subdivided meshes (it’s usual to set your viewport subsurf 1 or 2 levels lower than your render subsurf level)