Curved mesh fill solution?

So, I modeled this handle using curves and stuff, turned it into a mesh, anyways, how would I fill that blank side (already did the other side which was easier because I could just hold down F to do it) without connecting each separate vertex (due to resulting in high face count and it’s messy)
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Easiest would be select loop and f fill with ngon. Then I inset ngon face so that it now has a ring of faces around. Done.
If there still are some artifacts after adding subsurf try separating ngon in smaller parts using j on two opposite selected vertices.

Imho you still have a ton of not really needed vertices around.

This is an issue I run into constantly. I HATE ngons! They only work if ur filling a perfectly flat surface. I really miss being able to select an edge loop and pressing F to fill it with actual faces. These ngons are complete shit. Why does it seem that everyone loves them so much. They are next to useless. Is there a way to revert back to filling with normal faces?

Sorry I don’t mean to hijack this thread, but I think the original poster could benefit from knowing the answer to this question too.

Another way is use 2D curves, cyclic ON and you have surface already. Curves Geometry setting Extrude and you have thickness.


Thanks, this worked. Also I reduced the number of vertices and got it down to 336. Is that reasonable-ish for a game’s cutscene?

Thanks, this worked. Also I reduced the number of vertices and got it down to 336. Is that reasonable-ish for a game’s cutscene?

Not much into game asset creation, so i can not tell any rule. However i feel that it probably would be too much for some low poly second role asset and almost nothing for a NextGen.

@BrentNewton: Well, now there is GridFill and Bridge. With a bit of manual fiddling these could do the hard part.

I don’t love nor hate ngons, I think them as one more tool in the toolbox. You’re not supposed to leave them on the finished model unless the surface is flat and it doesn’t cause deformation, like you said.
F, alt+F, ctrl+F -> grid fill, W -> bridge edge loops and F2 addon can do a lot to fill with something else than an ngon.

I see not one single benefit to having ngons. They are an impediment. But I will concede that I am no Blender master. I’ll leave room to consider that maybe I don’t understand how ngons are used. I don’t. Thank you very much for reminding me of the grid fill and those fill alternative eppo and JA12. I had honestly forgotten about those. Kinda embarrassing cuz I’m always talking about how everything should be hotkeys; F tha UI, then I forget the hotkeys. lol

As of right now every time I see an ngon it is immediately followed by me saying, “F*^K!” =)

This might help with that

I’m watching that video and I’m about half done and have yet to see why anyone uses ngons much less why blender seems to want to make them the default. In the end you almost always have to replace them with actual faces, so why bother with them at all? And boy you better not have one in a complex mesh and then think you can add a subsurf to it. You’ll be using a microscope to manually add faces where that ngon was to fix your mesh.

I’ve never felt so strongly against any blender addon than I do with bmesh. Maybe someday a light will go off and I’ll find a place for them in my models. The only thing I can think that would make ngons make sense is for uv unwrapping, but they act so unpredictably when any kind of smoothness or anything is added to them I still would not use them for that.

Try the grid fill tool(space bar - search “grid fill”), that might work, also if the result is bad, try fiddling with the offset.

If you didn’t see the point of ngon support in that video, then it just means you don’t want to see it. Can’t really help anyone understand something when it’s not the understanding bit that is wrong.
You’re looking ngons through a very small hole in a wall that is made out of bad feelings and what you are able to see is the wrong part. You would have to figure out a way to go through/over/under it and back to modeling because you’ve built that obstacle and the neighbours aren’t very helpful either.

Not to make this into a bashing any app thing, but I notice that app A has to hide geometry before cutting instead of just selecting the face to be cut… App B has to go to tab, ribbon and dropdown to select faces of more than 4 sides. App 3 has this big dialog box obscuring the working window even after it’s not needed.
Glad to be using Blender.

Well they must have some use or they wouldn’t be in all software. I probably just haven’t reached the lvl of skill needed to have any use for them.