Curved modelling

Although a newbie, I have had a little success in modelling some architecture. But I want to put in some more ambitious detail such as curved arches and alcoves.
I have not had a lot of experiance (or luck ) with Bezier curves and would like to turn some basic drawings I have into planes and meshes. I have loaded a background image and was wondering how to trace out the image to get a good smooth curved mesh, one I can flesh out into a 3d model and eventually image-texture it.
Basically , I am looking for a really good Tut which will take me through this tracing process.
Any ideas?

Try that one. I found the link to it on when I started modelling with Blender, and I think it’s just what you need here.

the technique depends a bit on the design you’re trying to model (an image would be helpful)

Anyway, what I usually do, is to first trace the outline with beizer curves (gotta love them) then either convert the curve to a mesh and extrude it, or trace the curve with a mesh. It’s a bit hard to give good advise without knowing what you’re trying to model, so if you could post a picture it would (hopefully) be helpful

The easiest way to do that I came with consists in giving a curve modifier to the basic shape of the arch, then extrude it along the axis until the mesh ends match the curve ends, and then subdivide it a few times (Maybe that’s what Morio is talking about, not sure).

There may be some more efficient ways of doing this, but I’m used to this one now, that’s how I made every arch in my current scene.

One thing: unless you want to make very weirdly curved archs, stay away from 3D curves, just use 2D ones you’ll then rotate in object mode.