curved particles??

is there a way to curve the particle path??

such as the jet endigne that i figure out how to make, instead of it going in a straight like so it curves?? as if the ship made a turn?? dunno what settings to use for that

Look in the “Fields and Deflections” next to particles for “Curve guide”, that’s what you need.

ok thanks for that lol

well ive found the fields, but what are the settings for this to actualy curve??? lol

You’re probably using it the other way around. You create a new curve and to this curve you add the property “Curve guide”.

This Curve guide will affect all particle objects in your scene unless you put the Curve in a group (Object buttons/Add to group), then you can select for each particle emmiter which group will affect it (Physic buttons/Particle Motion/GR: )