Curved, stepped corridor?


I’ve recently started dipping my toes into retro level design in blender, and I am absolutely stumped as to how to make, well, this curved corridor from UnrealEd 2.2:

I essentially want to take any basic shape (the example above being a hallway with sloped walls, and rotate and extrude it around 90 degrees like this, to an on-grid endpoint (if you look at the top down portion, you can see the start and end of this are exactly on the snap grid).

I’m not entirely new to blender, but I am definitely new to using it for level design, so I am loosely recreating a level from Unreal Tournament as practice, and hours later I still cannot figure out this one piece.

Thank you!

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Here’s an additional isolated screenshot to show this off better.

It should be worth noting that Unreal was more of a BSP workflow and so worked in subtractive space, and that the blender result will of course have depth to the walls, that’s not a problem at all.

I also do not know how to do this even without the sloped walls, in blender. Though I can do this in UnrealEd/Hammer Editor.

Add a plane, delete just the face, move it in Edit mode, add a screw modifier and a solidify modifier:

Here’s the file so you can play around with it. Note what happens when you move stuff closer to or further from the origin in Edit mode- play around with the screw parameters too.

corridor.blend (4.6 MB)

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Oh wow, thank you a thousand times! This is exactly it. I changed a few settings on the solidify to make the edges straight and in line on the grid, but this is it!

Here’s a pic of the final settings to make it all crispy clean on the grid.



Looks good! :smiley: