Curved to mesh (noob)

Hey there,

Im having an issue with turning some Text into a Mesh. Basicly, i start with the text…here.

Then I convert it to curves … so far so good.

But when I convert it to a mesh, i get this.

Why all the extra lines through the middle of my letters? Im paranoid this will affect a) my rendering speed, b) the flatness of my text, and c) my ability to edit the mesh if i wish to.

Is there a workaround? Or am I worried over nothing?

Thanks in advance

Because mesh can contain triangles or quads only. FGons are triangle-based too you just do not see the edges. :slight_smile: And mesh is tesselated to triangles during render anyway. :slight_smile:

I did a quick test converting text to a mesh. My mesh looked very similar to yours, and there were no rendering problems. So there shouldn’t be anything to worry about. :smiley:

Ahh right, I understand now, thanks.
Cheers DwarvenFury, I feel a little better now.

meshes have to have faces. You can’t just render the outline of something, it has to be filled in. Try using shaded drawing to check this. A curve is just an outline.

Just when i thought I had this sorted, I tried something else. With the same text, I extruded it a little, then bevelled all the vertices with a recursion of 2.

This is the result.

Any suggestions?

You should do all of the extruding and beveling before you’re converting it to a mesh. When you have still have the Text object, select it and go to the Edit buttons. There you’ll find a slider “Ext2”; use that for beveling. Use Ext1 for extruding.

and then clean the tris

By selecting all vertices and pressing Alt+J :wink:

and alt-F

what does alt+f?

I believe you should alt-f before alt-j but It might just be preference.

alt-f does “Beautify Fill”

It basically swaps triangles down until the edges are more evenly distributed…

So instead of a vertex that has like 90 edges coming out, it would try to alter those edges around the surface to get a better fill…