curved wires

hey all i was surfing round cgtalk when i noticed alot of the wire frames theyre edges arnt straight they can curve why is this (and they arnt subsurfed) somone explain please


Because they ARE subsurfed.
There is not 3000 different ways to have curved wires :
splines, nurbs, subsurf, exotic stuff.
the most used tool is subsurf, it’s just that in other apps, it is not named ‘subsurf’, it can have fancy names like ‘mesh smooth’,

yeh but in blender in edit mode if you subsurf the edges stay in straigt lines but this does not happen in programs such as wings

Optimal mode subsurfs.

Optimal mode subsurfs.

i think that should be clarified.

in your subd buttons make sure the buttons labeled ‘Subsurf’ and ‘Optimal’ are pressed. now when you tab into edit mode you’ll see that your mesh is composed of curved lines (isolines).