Curvedeform and Text.

I made a little scene with a ring, and I tried to project an elvish font on it; so it somewhat looked like ‘the one ring’.

I made a bezier curve circle, and you can apply the circle to the text. The text wraps along the circle on the same way as text wraps around a path in photoshop.

However, the text lies now flat on the xy plane,facing upwards. I want to project the text on the outside ring, so it has face outwards. I solved it by mapping a texture instead of real modelling, but I want to know how to solve this modelling problem.

Text Objects on a Curve only lie down around the curve unfortunayely. You could use Alt-C twice to convert Text to Curve to Mesh and then, in Edit mode use Shft-W (Warp). It’s View-Dependant so if you do it in Top view your results will be different than if you did it in side or front view. The amount of warp is set with the mouse cursor and the Radius is relative to the position of the 3D Cursor. Where your mouse cursor is when you press Shft-W determines which way it warps so be careful not to pop it inside out.


Thank you, i exactly got it as i want now as i well as i discovered the (new to me) warp function. Great!