Curves and deformations

Hi, I’m back for some questions :slight_smile:

I’m currently modeling this (see below) and i’m asking if there is a way to do more sample and more clean ?

Look at the yellow lines, It’s going up and along right but in my current model it’s look not so good and I had shadow issues:

So, how can I do more easier, clean and realistic ? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

.blend file

You can improve your model’s shape by using LoopTool’s addon Relax on strategically selected individual loops. Helps if you assign Relax button to some temp shortcut, ‘Q’ e.g.
Or, you could model differently starting from top view, flat plane. Hide green, rotate red marked verts using 3d cursor as a pivot.
Hope helps.

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o_O wow, nice job ! I’ll check in details tomorrow but it’s look nice and more clean than my older, thanks you :smiley: