Curves and multiple hooks?

If I create a Bezier curve, and hook each vertex to a different empty, how do I know I know which vertex is assigned to which empty, (the modifier just lists a set of hooks, but no where does it mention which vertex)?

Curves use CP (Control Point(s) and Handles), and while CP and vertex are similar they are different.

I meant control points, sorry, how do I determine which CP is assigned to which hook? (and how do I modify)


What are you trying to accomplish ?

necklace. Curve for the band. Assign control points to hooks (empties) then I can vertex parent the empty to the mesh and it will deform right along with the mesh. It has better precision than bone weights.

In the hook panel you can click select and it will show you by selection which is assigned to the empty for that hook.
Edit: to modify just make a new selection and choose assign, you can either assign CP and handles or just handles.
When you make a new assignment, the old one is forgotten.

OK. There we go. Thanks!

just to note for user run into that thing not working.
you need to set the vector of the curve points to free, to make the handles work…

PS Tilting does not work… if anyone knows how to enable that, please post!