Curves are broken in blender 2.8

So i see a few problem with curves and it’s quite a bugger for me, i wonder what you people have to say about it and post your workarounds if you have any:

  1. Visual geometry to mesh(CTRL+A) is broken for any type of curve object with curve modifier on it (including text and it’s Text on Curve option in transform drop down menu in text object data).
  2. Linked curves (CTRL+D) with curve modifiers are not deformed correctly with this button enabled image . Ctrl+A again doesn’t work properly (like you didnt have a modifier for the curve in the first place)

Here’s a sample file to show all the issues:
Sampple.blend (188.2 KB)

i have another problem related to imported alembic curves, not like yours but just saying

It’s a bummer, i think devs just dont have enough time for all the bugs. Hope they’ll manage to fix curves by 2.8 release

Yeah. Been broken for a few builds now. Unfortunately I need ‘convert to mesh’ for what I’m currently trying to finish. Last one that worked I believe was May 20th, so I’m sticking with that. Been quite happy with doing actual work in that version though. Feeling close to stable these days.

Looks like the latest beta has “convert to” working again :slight_smile:

Yeah, but the other issues are still unresolved, sadly

Hi, do you report the “Issues”?
Please use Help menu > Report a Bug for your report, it automatically fills Blender version, system specs and so forth.

Cheers mib

Oh ofcourse, i have created 2 bug reports. They don’t seem to be on their high priority list though

Not related to your bug but have you guys seen this feature request ?

:open_mouth: :+1:

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Upvoted! Good stuff. Curves need some love indeed