Curves from SVG


When importing a svg file, some of the curves from that svg file are not filled. I always seem to have that problem when importing vectors from another app.

Is it because the curves are not “closed”… and what can i do about it?

I’v attached a screenshot.

Thanks you guys!

Hi tmkdesigner,

With the Curves tab open in the object properties, try toggling between 2D and 3D. The “Fill” tickboxes may also help.

The curve must be closed and also remove any doubles or points that overlap each other. The curve needs to be 2D

In the past I’ve made minor tweaks to the SVG (in Inkscape, in Illustrator), resaved, and it works. Often the processes that simplify, smooth, or otherwise reduce the number of points (without compromising quality) help.

That said, there is a new-ish PDF / AI / SVG importer addon from Howard Trickey that works nicely, which you might want to try and compare results:

Giving a little extrude helps to fill.