curves get wierd when using extrude, check out model

Can somebody help me with curves. I see this problem a lot, but I can’t figure it out ever.

I’m trying to create this logo, which I imported from an SVG file that I exported from Illustrator.

The logo needed some rework in blender because curves don’t always transfer perfectly. Points were added and things needed to be fixed.

It wasn’t more than 20 minutes work fixing it, but when applying ext or other modifcations using the curve options, the logo gets these crazy lines in it, like scribbles or extra hidden points.

I’ve actually seen this happen with normal fonts before when I applied the ext and other functions. I don’t know if curves are facing the wrong direction, or perhaps I’m just not understanding something here.

Please download this blend:

Let me know if you discover something causing the scribbles.

I looked but it’s a mess. I got good results with DefResol-5, but when I Ctrl-A’ed it imploded. I’ll look again tonight.


can anyone offer me some advice here. I really with there were some known cause when I see this. It’s like if curve paths come from somewhere else, they aren’t dependable like creating them on your own.

This has been happening to me with Curves & text objects since 2.37 was released. Perhaps it’s a bug.


Fixed it.

The zipped blend file. Sorry, cannot upload .blend files directly to my free site server…

Things to do after importing a curve:
1.Tab to edit mode, go over the nodes and look for doubled nodes, stray nodes or those which twists in strange directions. Fix them.
2.Back in the edit mode, S key to resize your object bigger. The ext1 and ext2 buttons seems to work better with big objects. Ext2, specially seems to work better on large objects. You can resize your object afterwards…
3.Before applying any extrusion, click the center new button, shift s to place the curve at the origin and make sure it is facing upwards towards the z axis. Then ctrl shift A and ctrl A to apply size and rotation and deformation…
4. Extrude.
Hope it helps…

I fixed it by going to the CV’s that were straying and changing the handle types. On the straight edges use V and on curved edges use Shft-H. There are some CV’s in the corners that have the handles collapsed and the CV looks like a polyline point so you will have to be thorough.


I really appreciate you looking at it. So it did have something to do with points.

I think I was using H for the rounded points and I never even woudl have thought of those other key commands.

I’ll keep that in mind for next time. Now i understand why my personal curve drawings never do that. I have more control over those.