curves, hair, and armatures

hey guys.

been blendering lately and i came accross this problem.

i have a character from makehuman, its rigged…no problems with the rigging, no errors. happy happy happy.

then i made hair using the particle system and used curves to guide the hair.

(using the tutorial for 2.4 RC1 hair)

i parented the sphere with the particles to the armatures and it worked. then i tried to parent the curves. instead of saying “parent to armature” it said “parent to object”.
i selected object, but when i moved the armature, the curve didnt move!

help please. cos the hair goes wierd.

It’s parented to the Armature Object, in other words the armature’s Object center. You want to parent it to the head bone. It’s easier though to use the existing head as the emitter and assign a Vertex Group as the emitting faces, then Weightpaint it for Velocity.