curves - handrawn

is there any curves that you can draw in a continous ways by hand ?

Would be faster to draw curves!

Then you can adjust the number of points that you need to get smooth curves!

Any chance of having it in 2.42 next version ?

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The problem with ‘drawing’ anything in a 3D app is being able to to do it in 3D, since drawing is essentially 2D, and, once drawn, setting the resolution. Ctrl-LMB allows you to do both.


can you give an exanple !

Ctrl-LMB ?

means what - do what with that thing


ADD >> Curve >> Bezier or NURBS, Select the end CV, Ctrl-Leftclick where you want the next CV and the next…


it is true that drawing is 2d, but it isn’t a problem… most 3d programs allow you to draw a curves on two planes and project them into one another creating a 3d curve at their intersection… voila. …seems it could be done with a python script (If it doesn’t exist already!?)?

but… you mean you would like to be able to draw like one does with a brush tool in photoshop and illustrator, instead of placing points like the illustrator pen tool, right? I don’t know how to do that… but I agree, it would be good to be able to do it.

edit… reread question :S

you could get a copy of inskcape, load a drawn image, do a convert bitmap to curve, and import the curve into blender.

draw a curves on two planes and project them into one another creating a 3d curve at their intersection

Yep, you can do that by Parenting a Curve Deform Modifier to a Curve, but I’d hardly call that drawing.


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ya - Ctrl -LMB no i know that - that’s what i normally do

but if you have a background picture and you wnat to draw a line fast around the contour - it would be nice ot have a continous handdraw to follow the curve and blender would put vertex along fonction of the derivative or the tangent of the curve - then you can look and may be correct by adding extra vertex to make certainr the curve os smoothed enough.

it would be simply be a bit faster and easier

computer are supposed to do the boring/repeating things for you
at least in theory to help you be more effective and efficient


yeah, since I have done my share of illustration work and 3d, I just lump most any kind of drawn curves with drawing : )

using curve deform doesn’t seem to work the way I was thinking/hoping, but maybe I am doing something wrong? When I just tried it, I sketched two curves one in top view the other on front then gave one curve a curve modifier to the other … it moved the curve and deformed it, but it didn’t make it 3d? … isn’t this modifier meant for paths?
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rj2005, i agree that a click and drag draw (like illustrator pencil tool where verticies are placed automatically to form the curve based on the mouse movements instead of the current illustrator like pen tool) would be cool and time saving, particularly in the begining phase where I tend to sketch some simple profile / help edges/verticies … but I know of no way to do it within blender as it is.