Curves: How to intersect an object with another object???

Hi, I am tracing a 3d logo and am almost done… But I am stuck on one part. Basically, I want to know how to intersect two objects, getting rid of the uppermost object. My best example would be Adobe Illustrator. There you can take two separate shapes and using the Pathfinder window, perform various tasks such as divide, intersect, blah blah…

Is there a way to do this in Blender?


If you have two curve objects in Object mode, you can use Alt-J to join them, and they will create empty space where they intersect. Leave them as overlapping objects, and they will not. Up to this point, I do not think there is a menu for Blender curves like the path editor of Illustrator or Inkscape.

Adobe Illustrator is 2D. Meaning when lines cross it cross exactly on the plane. Solution can be found for that.

But Blender is 3D. Unless two lines can be snapped to each other in 3D space, it will never cross each other. Best you can do is to make a volume out of two object and Boolean it. Then erase all the unnecessary vertexes. Which is easy to do from one of the orthogonal view.

Thanks for your replies. I just ending up drawing the individual segments…

How does one “boolean” it?