Curves Issue

Currently I am attempting to model a robot and i wished to have wires and cords through its structure. Since the model may be animated i want to make sure the cords could move and stretch realistic if they needed to. Using a bevelled curve i have the two ends of it hooked to two different empties (Said empties parented to the two bones I wish). The issues arises though because i have a third point (what is the name of the red anchors btw?) in the middle to help give the shape i want. This third anchor point though does not move or shift correctly compared to the others.

Is there anyway to have that middle point exist but basically act like the black arrows instead of acting like a set point when the curve moves…

((I use soft body on the curve. The mass of the Curve is zero, as the curve seems to just fall away from the empty when mass is enabled and i never needed them to ‘droop’))
((Running Version 2.73))
((Image for Clarity,Hopefully))

I’m not entirely sure I understand, but it looks like you could use hooks for this situation more effectively than physics.
(edit) also, put a hook on the middle section with copy loc constraints to both the other hooks. maybe copy rot too.

((Only the upper bone actually rotates if that helps))

I could just delete the middle anchor but i didn’t want to simplify the curves.

((add another question,can you manually move and change the black arrows of a curve?))

I’ll try and explain it better. All i want is the middle anchor point not to act rigid when I start twisting it.For all intensive purposes I want that middle anchor to just act like another black arrow in the curve when i start moving the bone.

i don’t want it to ‘hang’ in space, instead i want it to move based on the influences of the two other anchors. Like how a knot in the middle point of a rope moves and changes when the rope is straightened out or curved.

To put it simply, i want that middle anchor to act like another one of the black arrows. For it to move based on the black arrows before and after it.