Curves properties: "Use UV for mapping"

Hi all-

The setup: I’ve got a string of music notes that I imported as SVG’s and extruded as 2D curves. I need to apply one texture to the face of the extrusion and a different texture to the bevel and extrusion.

The problem: I can’t figure out how to do this without converting to mesh. If I do convert them to a mesh, then it just gets too time consuming and clunky trying to use remesh/bevel/UV. I’ve got like 50 notes… There must be a simpler more elegant way. Re-mesh doesn’t really cut it as clean as I need without exorbitant topology, ergo, slow-down.

Found: What does the Curves Properties/Texture Space/Use UV for mapping, option do? I researched it for almost an hour and came up with cryptic references, something about using Shift T to show the bounding box etc., etc.,

Anyone have some ideas?

Again, I just need to apply one texture to the face, and another to the beve/extrusion of a curve object (music notes).

Much oblige!