curves, shape keys


How do I use shape keys on curves, I can’t see the shape key button for them.


You can’t use them on curve as far as I know. Shape keys are for vertex (mesh objects) only.

Look in this thread.

Thanks AlanK! I did not know about that :smiley:

My intial suggestion for doing this was actually to hook each of the curve points, and parent those hooks to vertices in a polygon mesh. Then create the shapes on the mesh as normal. After playing with the two options, I noticed the results are actually quite different…

In the example attached, if you move the bone to an extreme down position you’ll see the curve on the right starts to compress and do odd things in the top area. My guess is this has something to do with the way the bezier handles are calculated when shapekeys are applied directly to the curve. The example on the left doesn’t do this.

Just wanted to throw that in there so you know your options!



curveShapekeys.blend (163 KB)