Two problems.
i put a light going round a bezier circle as a path.
How do i find the curve in the IPO window?
i need to extend mode it.

and how do i make the bezier circle clear - it is only a path.
i tried puting on a material and setting the alpha to zero - well that didn’t work!
thanks all

try moving the curve (bezier circle) to a non-rendering layer. I keep curves and other spare parts on layers 16-19, with 15 reserved for empties and 20 reserved for cameras and lights.

will it still work as a path when i render?

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To get the Bezier Circle not to fill in, press the ‘3D’ button in the Edit Buttons Window [F9] :: ‘Curve and Surface’ panel.
(Also, make sure the ‘Curve Path’ button is pressed in that panel if it isn’t).

Select the Bezier Circle/Path, and then in the IPO Curve window, select the IPO Curve Type ‘path’ (Should be type ‘Object’ by default).

Next add a speed curve by Ctrl_Left Mouse clicking on the graph.
Add 2 points

You can make them precise by pressing [n], and in the popup window set the exact values. (The curve needs to be in edit mode [Tab], and you need to select one point at a time.

Then [Tab] out of edit mode for the curve, and in the ‘Curve’ menu :: ‘Extend Mode’ > ‘Cyclic’.

Mission accomplished.
thanks very much.

I snuck this in here cos the forum does not want to accept new posts.
I made the movie in blender -avi indio 5.10.
it runs in windows movie player
but when i put it on a plane and make another movie of it so see if it works- it is stationary.
it looks a little odd in the picture too - because it is a wide picture!
if the link works the blend file is at
password is my forum name


Anon, havent downloaded the movie, but you know there are special buttons on the texture setup you have to change. For example, you have specified a Len: of 0; meaning no frames…which means no motion picture.

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