curving a plane?

Whats the best way to curve a plane. Its for a corner of a stadium

you can select the edges and extrude them constrained it to an axis :
select the edges , EKEY to extrude them z,x,y to select the axismove up the mouse

Any reason it has to be a plane? Why not just cut a sphere in half?

Most of the time, I’ll define something in two-dimensions as a curve or whatever, convert it to a mesh if need-be, and then extrude it one or more times along the Z-axis. (Extrude, then scale, then extrude…)

When scaling, pay close attention to the various options that are available for specifying the center-point of the scaling operation.

Select the area [faces or vertices] you want curved. Position the 3D cursor away from the selection. Under Mesh tools [F9] click ‘To Sphere’ and select a percentage.