Curving arrays

**Please download the file attached. Otherwise, you probably won’t understand how to help.

The “drops” object I have needs to be duplicated to go around the “reference cylinder” object. In order to do this, I have tried a myriad of things, including placing an empty and making it the offset for the array, creating a curve and creating a circle. However, none of these things seem to help me get the desired outcome.
Can someone please help me figure this out? Typically, it’s just one or two steps that I’m missing or overlooking.shapewaysTealightHolder_v004.blend (327 KB)

First you need to clean up a bit.
Apply rotation and location in object mode (ALT-R and ALT-G)
Then place the origin of the droplet in the same place as the cylinder. (select cylinder; Shit-S ->cursor to selected; select droplet; set origin Shit-Ctrl-Alt-C)
Now place an empty at the same origin
Add the array modifier and use “object offset” and rotate it on the z-axis

You can use the cyliner itself as the object offset instead of the empty.


shapewaysTealightHolder_v005.blend (334 KB)

For what it is worth, Alt+g is clear location and Alt+r is clear rotation. To Apply you use Ctrl+a. Probably meant the Alt+g/Alt+r, only a terminology issue?

Yep, meant that and wrote something else. Should pay more attention :wink:
Thanks for correcting me.