curving objects around other objects


I need some help. I’am currently modelling Clank from Ratchet and Clank, but I’m having problems with the eyes, I have no idea how curve them around his head, I’ve tried doing it manually but the outcome looks rubbish. Is there any easy way to match the curve of one object to another?

this is a job for the retopo tool. I’m not sure what the best tutorials would be.

Add the eyeball in place, turn on the proportional (O) tool and that should allow you to grab multiple edges at a time, more if you scroll the wheel.

hi smashleybashley, I recently had the same problem and this was my solution:

  1. select a segment of edges from the mesh in the place you want your object to wrap around (ex: if you want a belt to wrap around the belly, select a few vertexes/edges that define the curve of the belly).

  2. using ‘p’, separate the selected segment from the mesh

  3. convert the segment to a curve, in 3dview->object->convert->curve from mesh, now you have a curve exactly the same shape of the object to be wrapped.

  4. use “curve” modifier on the object you want to be wrapping.

Hope this is clear, it surely requires some tweaking but should work.

thanks guys, i shall try all of the ways that have been given and see which works out best :slight_smile:

I’m telling you guys, the retopo tool is the tool for this job. just use the retopo tool to make the shape of your eyes, using the actual head as a form. then just turn off retopo and extrude the whole region a bit to give it depth.
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tired using the retopo tool, i wasn’t sure if i was doing it right

It’s kind of tricky to get the hang of. It’s really useful though, so definately worth looking into tutorials and practicing at some point. Alot of people have changed their whole approach to modelling since it was introduced, because it allows you to start with a high poly sculpted mesh, or combination of meshes, and then construct an optimized mesh over top of it.
and btw, an important thing to remember:
always unclick the ‘occlude background geometry’ button, so you can see what you are doing.