Curving text and getting deformations in some letters

Hello can anyone tell me how i can avoid deformations in the text after i curve it, i am getting some strange triangles and kinks in my 3d letters after i (SHIFT+W) is there a button to allow for deformations? any help would be great.


Jester :cool:

instead of warping, you could try the text on curve option in the edit buttons->font tab. It doesn’t deform the text like the warp tool does

add your text, tab out of edit mode
add a curve and shape it like you want the text to be, tab out of edit mode again
select your text and then put the curve name in the [text on curve] input button

hmmm this makes me wonder if you can parent text to a curve and have it follow it like a path object? might get some weird dupliframe effects from that…

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