Curvy and downhill road

Hello everyone. I am trying to create Hyper drift-like roads. I’ve followed many tutorials which work fine to create curvy roads. However, if I wanted to make the road downhill, the curves bend slightly inwards. You can kinda see the rotation on the curve. Any ideas for how to make smooth downhills

Welcome :tada:,
First : +1 for takeing this few minutes to be able to post an image unlike some other newbies :wink: and another
+1 for not showing the shaded view . For such a question it’s always nice to reference at least one of this tutorials and sadly just looking at you final wireframe doesn’t help to help you :frowning: .

Anyway: If you used a bezier curve then you may wanna play with the Twist Method options.

Specifically set it to Z-UP.

Thank you. I actually used path because the bezier curve didn’t give the accuracy I wanted. I tried both the “array & curve” method and tried creating one long road with loop cuts and then adding curve modifier to fit the road to the path. They both gave pretty much the same result. Also, in which modes should I upload pictures? Sorry I’m a newbie :sweat_smile:

My ideas: If the image shows up directly on BA and someone can see the problem (object not too small, GUI only visible if needed and for the correct object) then the possibility that some want’s to help is high. If my first thought is “What i’m looking at…???” and i have to spent time on decipher it… then can’t help… an also wasted my time… :wink: additional downloading and viewing in a seperate app because it’s 3800x1900 (Oh look i have such a big screeny so i’m an artist … ups sorry)… droppes the changes of answers significantly…

This is one way to make a curved road: