Curvy desk with overlaping poly problem

Hello, all.
I am making a sort of front desk, for a largish theater. However, it is suffering from some sort of overlap of the polygons that gives a graphics error when rendering. You can see it on the close end, where the counter curves sharply. I made the desk by making a counter section, tiling those end-to-end, splitting it up a few times to increase poly count, and finally deforming it using a curve modifier.

Can anyone suggest a good way to remedy this, or a better approach to take if I need to remake it?

Thank you.


you can probably try either an array modifier with a curve or a single mesh deformed by a lattice

Just join the offending verts.

show the wireframe, but from the story on how you made it, that’s a bad way.
The glitches are probably there because there are polygons overlapping.

Well, I am new… I am certain that the polys are overlapping… How should I approach this sort of smooth curvature?

I have a bit of and idea… if I apply some randomness, just the slightest bit should work… and it will not be noticeable to the eye.

Thanks for your help…