Curvy mesh

Sometimes I see people showing off their work in these forums… shey show their rendered artwork and then show a “wire”. Not the material-as-wire trick, but a standard shaded view, with black wire pattern over it.

However, what I notice is that the wire is very low poly. I think someone called it a “subdiv wire” at one point. The wire seems to have minimum mesh lines, and some of these are curved (on my meshes all lines are deas straight from vertex point to vertex point).

Question: How do I activate this kind of simplified mesh view?

Depending on what version you’re using

In the subsurf section on the F9 editing menu, there’s a subsurf button.

I assume you’ve clicked that.


There’s also an “optimal” draw button (in the F9 editing menu) which draws the wireframes in the curve lines you want I believe.


Assuming you’ve already applied a subsurf modifier to your model, there is a little button next to the word “subsurf”.

When you click it, you get a little triangle inside this button.

This button is on the left of the “Apply” and “Copy” buttons and it is a little grey round circle.

Click on this button and a triangle with 3 yellow dots should show, your mesh will display its wireframes in subsurfed mode rather than the straight lines you see in your models.

This button is also in the F9 editing menu by the way.

Thanks. My mesh didn’t change much - I guess because it’s already pretty minimal. I think you’re right though - I got a few curved lines there at one point :slight_smile:

Maybe, but you shouldn’t have any vertices that are too far apart from it’s subsurfed meshes.

For example:

See, the warped lines follow a subsurfed cube nicely.

It will look really nice if you’ve modeled a human face and show the smooth wires.

Good luck.