Curvy3D open beta

The developer of Curvy3D has begun work on Curvy3D v2. Today he announced that he would like to make the beta OPEN to anyone that would like to work with Curvy3D in its very early stages (almost alpha).

Curvy3D is unique in that it allows the user to sketch curves that are instantly lathed into 3D shapes. You can also apply a sort of displacement map to your models and paint details into the model to further shape and refine your model.

Curvy3D v2 is looking to allow users to create both low-poly and high-poly models. Besides the unique Curvy3D objects you create by sketching, Sub-Division surfaces are being added as well.

Curvy3D is a unique 3D modeling package, but it is in its early stages. Even though the developer is calling this v2, it is more like version 0.5. The first version of Curvy3D was a good little program, but limited. The developer started over with a better plan, better tools and an overall better concept (and, thus, v2).

If you like to beta test software and/or want to get in early on using what should become a great 3D modeling tool, then now is your chance to play with Curvy3D for free while it is in beta. Not only that, but your ideas and suggestions can help shape Curvy3D into a truly great modeling package.

Simon, the developer, is a unique person. He is one of those rare programmers that is also an artist. Even so, he is not that familiar with traditional modeling packages. Because of this, Simon is truly creating a unique package that is not the same as all the others out there. Even so, we, who are more familiar with various 3D applications, can help him see how some things should or could be done. He especially needs help (in my opinion) with workflow and UI ideas.

So, head on over to:


And please visit the Curvy3D forum