custics/ transparencies in yafray

Materials that are translucent (glass like) in blender are rendering as solid (can’t see through them) in Yafray.

I have Auto AA on and for YafRay GI I have Method =“Full” Quality=“low” Photons button is activated. Count is 100000, radius is 1 and mix count is 100.

Ray is turned on in render settings… any suggestions?

IIRC, you have to adjust the materials “ALPHA” setting. Otherwise, Yafray won’t render it as transparent.

k, I set his alpha down to about 20 percent… now he is rendering pretty much black

hmm not too sure what could be causing it. haven’t used a lot of yafray myself.

grr… getting frustrated byond belief… only way I can get anything to show up is to burn the bajesus out of the background with a spotlight and an arealight both at energy 10… makin me angry. :x At least now I can see that the guy is transparent…

copy the glass material from this blend to your object - if that doesn’t work put your object in this blend and attach the material.

should the first work - it is your material (study the material carefuly)

should the second work - it is your yafray settings (study the yafray and render settings carefully!)

hope that helps! :wink:

Thanks prince,

I’ll give er a shot

(as in snapshot! %| )

i wouldn’t normally find anything amuzing out of that but it’s late! :smiley:

you need alpha pretty low, like .06 is ussualy good
plus make sure ray transp depth is high enough

Alright, got it working. Thanks Prince, you’ll see my render in Final projects and WC112

ah jeese not again! i helped someone last week with there render! lol i don’t mind really! :smiley:

Also, when yafray is the preferred rendering engine, setup a (new) light as “Photon” from the “Lamp” tab (F5 on the selected lamp); it’s a kind of “Spot” lamp that will produce caustics on surfaces when passing through objects whose material alpha is < 1.
If the caustic light still doesn’t come out (maybe because of the model complexity), try to raise the number of photons and the depth from the “Yafray: Shadows and Photons” tab (F5 as above) and the “CDepth” parameter from the “Yafray GI” tab (F10).

I’m a newbie as you, expecially for Yaray, hope it helps.

>>> nic

yes but this takes incredible amount of time and if you have alot of objects it will be insane so if caustics isn’t that important just skip that! :wink:

I’ve just thought that the topic was: “custics/ transparencies in yafray”…

Anyway in a very similar thread, “The new Yafray interface”, the excellent Rangel seems to take a similar path.

>>> nic

I’m trying to learn how to render with yafray without success so far. My problem is similar to that of the original thread starter. Can anyone share their .blend file with me. One for a glass (transparent ) rendering and any other simple rendering.