Custom Bass Guitar

Hello everyone.

Last wednesday I started this project… most of the modeling was done that night, but details were made at sunday afternoon. I’m surprised I didn’t long so much finishing this project (I usually abandon them :D)

All modeling and postprocessing were done in blender and renderized with LuxRender. I’m really surprised with new LuxCore. Rendering a imagen like this with an old Intel i5 without using a GPU in a really aceptable quality could take just 6 minutes. (These ones took much longer because of reasons :rolleyes:)…

It’s based in a Fender Aerodyne Jazz Bass, with some minor modifications (It’s suposed it’ll be my custom bass). hope you like it and I’m eager for (constructive) critics.

looks solid. cool to see some one do a bass rather than a guitar.

Looks great, and as Modron pointed out, nice to see a bass.

Only two mentions, vary the positions of the tuning keys a bit, they don’t normally line up perfectly when tuned, and

add the strap buttons (unless you plan on playing sitting down).

You’re right, I totally forgot to add the strap buttons untill I upload the pictures. Thanks for the tips.

Pdt: I don’t like guitars… well, not much.