Custom bevel profiles needs to be better..check LW cad engraver

When I first saw a little about the bevel profiler, I thought, greate…maybe I can do the same as with LW cad engraver…but no matter what I try, it doesn´t seem to be capable of it.

That doesn´t work on polys the way lwcad does with the engraver tool, it´s totally different.
You can´t pick a top row of polys in a loop and perform a step bevel profile from the polys.

Engraver adds additional geometry to the selected flat polys and perform a profile around that, while blender just works to bevel mostly from the edges and not adding extra geometry on flat polys, so it can not create those
engraving profiles.
Any segment increasement in blenders bevel segment seems to works on the just only the created bevel, and not on the base poly.

For an edge it works similar, but to perform an engrave style ala LWcad, no…you need to pick and edge on top of an object, or side or bottom, but you can not perform it in a middle poly section or middle edge section or top poly row section.

Check the vid, at 0:17 and take note that it performs om polys, and adds underlying segments directly on flat polys in order to perform the profile engrave or bevel as you call it, blender doesn´t seem to be able to do that, the vid is quite old since 2011.