Custom Bone-Shape Question

I’ve been following along with the “Intro to Rigging Tuts” from Lee and all is well up to the point of applying the custom shapes controlers. And before I go any further I should mention that I succesfully completed all 3 Tuts using the Shaolin basemesh that he used. But now I’m trying the same procedure with Jonathon’s female basemesh. As before, I appended the custom bone shapes from his blend file, and scaled them to fit the basemesh. The pose was different than the Shaolin, so in edit mode I had to adjust the position of the bone shapes for the fore-arm, hands, and the feet. So far I’ve succesfully applied the hip, spine, ribs, neck, head, shoulders, and upper-arms. None of those had to be repositioned, and all work well. The fore-arm, works as well, however, the custom bone-shape for it after applied, is out in space, close to the arm, but not where I put the mesh shape. I anticipate the hands and feet will do the same thing. The current location of the fore-arm applied shape coincides with the location of the Shaolin. How can I adjust this or do I need to create new ones, and how do I accomplish this? Thanks so much in advance.


You will find that you need to move custom bone shapes around in ‘Edit’ mode more often than you do in Object mode… And pay attention to were the 'pivot points are for the custom shapes you may have to move those too…