Custom Bone Shapes not selecting correctly

Hi all, does anyone else have the problem that you cannot select the custom bone displayed, but have to hit the now invisible bone? I just replaced a few control bones with circles for easy selection. Only… you can’t select them.

I am in pose mode, and have tried lasso, box, circle etc. Blender will only register a hit if you click or drag where the actual bone is.

Feels like a bug.

Use the Outliner to select them and move them to their own collection. You’ll still have to use the Outliner for selection, but this gives you the option of selecting them one at a time or all at once.

Also… it’s easier to select them in Object mode (as opposed to Pose mode).

Actually I just figured it out. There is a bug with FADE BONES in the display overlays. If you have this checked on, it breaks selection and custom objects do not select either.

Quite a bug.

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