Custom Bone Shapes Problem

When using Custom Bone Shapes (I’m new doing this), I find that the object displaying as Bone in Pose Mode, gets really Huge - I go back to edit mode, resize the Bone, but sometimes I really need to resize it to the point it gets almost invisible while seeing the main Rig;

My question is, how to prevent this? Is there a tutorial for Custom Bone Shapes (already been in Wiki.blender )? I want to understand how to use properly this feature, I dont want to tweak the Bone or Shape in Pose mode, of course it would be easier, but If I’m rigging for animation, I use a lot the “rest position” so this isnt suitable for Animation propouses.

  • How can we create a object, in a way, that the size is immediatly sized as the substitue bone or from the size we initially created it ?! How to do that ?

If someone could help me out on this, I would apreciate it a lot!

I would say you should scale the object so that it looks right in its position as a custom bone shape. It doesn’t really matter what it looks like as an object itself, since you will be hiding it anyway. Custom bone shapes should be special objects that are dedicated to being the bone shapes. Don’t use objects that have other functions in your animation.

Hi, thanks for your atention, really.

This means that, the bone size in Edit Mode is irrelevant, I may resize it, untill the custom bone in Pose mode is sized properly?

Thanks for your sugestion, I’m using custom shapes just for needed “bones” :wink: But I started pulling my head, because I’m learning this Rig, that offered to people. I’ve been learning Rigging from lots of diferent sources, T.Mullen intro anim, CG academy dvd’s to take ideas, etc.

Custom Bone Shapes are great, but confuses a lot initially, because if we resize it in Pose mode, going back to Rest Position just ruins it all, if its ok to resize in Edit Mode, thats what I’ll keep on doing without problems.

Thank you

You can resize the bone itself in object mode. Don’t resize it in pose mode, though. In pose mode, you should only be posing. Resizing there is posing the size, which you may sometimes want to do (for example, macouno’s robot rig in the news forum uses scale posing to drive other actions) but don’t do this to adjust the size.

bones with a length of 1 display the mesh at a scale of 100%, bones with a length of 2 display the mesh at a scale of 200%.
The solution is either scale the object down in edit mode with a certain amount, or make the bone smaller.
I do it like this: bones that are easier to use in a chain, or either way, at a length other than 1, i just scale the mesh of the display object.
for bones where this doesn’t matter, such as bones that drive shape keys, I make them exactly 1 unit long, and make the mesh in the right scale.
You can’t resize a bone in object mode because you can’t select a single bone in object mode. I suppose you mean edit mode?

Sorry. I meant resize the custom shape object in object mode. Not bone.

Probably you should Ctrl-A after doing so to apply scale.

I find myself lost, because even resizing the Object (Custom Bone Shape), in Edit or Object mode, it keeps the original display size in Pose mode and even reassigning the bone again to that Bone. I guess the only approach is to resize the Bone in its Edit mode.

Are you applying scale and rotation on the custom bone object with Ctrl-A after resizing?

sorry for late response, I dont know where in the forum personal options, to set to track the threads I’m participating.

Bugman_2000, Really! I never used that Apply Scale and rotation, and it works great! I tryed right now, created some custom bones, and after doing it in The object in Object mode, it works Great!

I thought that changing its size in object mode or object edit mode, was enough. “Apply Scale/Rotation - This command applies the scale and rotation. The object data (mesh/curve points/etc.) is modified so that the scale is 1 and the object isn’t rotated at all.”

So, this command, means that applying the scale/rotation command, is accepting its size and rotation as permanent, is that it ? It means that, whenever we create a new object, etc, theres a “reset position” and using this command it saves as it origin, is that it ?

Thanks for your atention and your help

by the way, way isnt available to apply the location ? Clear location is available, but no “apply - location”, is there a reason for that ?


Yep, that’s right.

For location, zero is always in the center of the space. “Applying” location would mean setting the zero space point to the current object’s center, which is no different from putting the object at zero if it’s the only object, and which would effect the coordinates of everything else in the space if there were other objects.

You can move the center of the object to zero and keep your object somewhere else, or you can parent your object to an object that has been offset from the center, but you can’t really “apply” location in the same way.

Thanks for your atention, information and for sharing your knowlege, I really apreciated.