Custom Bones problem

I have been trying to use custom shaped bones
and every time I try to assign mesh to a bone, I get the same glitch.
It is the same in 2.45 release and in SVN version.
That’s what I do:

  1. Model a mesh
  2. Name it
  3. Go to pose mode, select a bone and type meshes name in appropriate field
  4. Bone takes shape of the mesh, but it either flipped or scaled, or both.

And I tried placing mesh into 0,0,0; apply scale and rotation and other
weird tricks :slight_smile: But it all failed :frowning:
How can I make it right? and if it is a bug, please fix it.

Here are some screenies to illustrate the problem:

I had the same problem, when started using that feature.

  1. Create the desired object, to use as a Custom Bone.
    2*. Very Important: Shift the object center, to whetever u want.
  2. Name the object, easy :slight_smile:
  3. Go to pose mode, in “OB:” place the name.
  4. Upside down? Yes ? Go to 6*.
    6*. Go to Costum bone, edit and obj mode, Rotate or whatever its needed, and Apply Scale and Rotation (alt + ctrl + A ).
  5. Go to pose mode, confirm ? If still upside down, or flipped or whatever, go to point 2* and then 6*.

Thats pretty much it!

Good luck =)

thanks. Will try it.