[Custom Build] Blender 2.79.6 Weighted Normals & Customized modifiers

(burnin) #21

Thanks! Nice examples & nice tools.

Never forget ppl - Innocent until proven guilty!

One is legal until proven illegal in a court of law.
Only judge can judge.

Too many assholes are nowadays running around blaming & judging by their self righteous ‘holly’ ignorant opinion - take care of yourselves and loved ones!

& About licensing intentions, IIRC, it’s Ton’s way to liberate & accelerate Blender’s distribution. Know that even, if you’re fully legit whichever subscriber, there’s no warranty on any software and all commercial pieces are closed source!!! Don’t be mislead by the wicked and their intentions.

A bit of love & mercy never hurts… :blush:

(Dzmitry) #22

Why can’t we have 2.79c with all this goodies… with all the delays i don’t even expect 2.80 to be in “production” condition before summer 2019…

(cgstrive) #23

@burnin. Thank You!

@obsurveyor. You could probably help most by getting WN code of 2.8 to work with 2.79.6 and providing a public patch. GSOC (2016?) is slightly outdated and it took a lot of manual fiddling to get it working. It would help a lot of users and would be a base for next build. You can also investigate how to add proper GUI to all of these modifiers.

@zanzio. This simplifies my life as I have very little time atm. Link restored. Here’s full source: http://cgstrive.com/blend/blender_WN_modifier_hacks_source.rar

@comradeSunbeam. I agree with you completely. 2.8 is shaping up to be amazing, but it’s gonna take a lot of time till it’s gone through some serious production as 2.7 has. As such the intent was to provide strong 2.79 build with all the latest features + WN and some of my own tools. Official 2.79 build with some 2.8 features(such as WN) would be great indeed.

(Charlie) #24

I think in the spirit of open source, we shouldn’t be too demanding by asking for test or WIP code. Sure the GPL needs protecting but let’s not get too zealous. :slight_smile:

(drgci) #25

It’s really strange why they didn’t release a blender 2.79c version there is tons of improvement,Iam pretty sure blender 2.8 will be amazing but it will take time

(zanzio) #26

I don’t get why folks keep asking for that. They typically only make letter releases for bug fixes. If they were to add new features in a letter release, it would look exactly like 2.79.6.

Calling it “stable” isn’t what makes it stable. They put out release candidate versions with the new features, and fix all the bugs they discover in those features before it’s called “stable”. If you get a letter release after that, it is only to fix bugs they missed in the release candidate versions.

Adding new features to a letter release potentially adds new bugs which in turn will have to be fixed with more letter releases. That breaks this system which is meant to make the official releases more stable than master. What you are asking for is basically what you get in the build bot builds (2.79.6). It makes more sense to just keep using that.

(burnin) #27

Maybe another reason is because users feel like in a twilight zone now.

Official uses python 3.5
Dailies 3.6
but 2.8 will probably land with 3.7 on board… & API loose in the wild.

“Latest revolution is showing up to be strangely messed up one. Even sun seems to be awfully quiet this year (almost spotless since December).”

(planaria) #28

just gotta say wow this is a really interesting workflow ,

Chocofur model manager-is there a fix
(bkjernisted) #29

Is there a fix for the chocofur model manager?