[Custom Build] Blender Fracture Modifier

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This is Art! xD

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Dunnno what he smoked, but i want the same :smiley:


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Hi I have some issues to build the fracture modifier branch on osx. Building blender master works fine for me so the setup is right. If I try to generate the cmake I get the following error:

Mac OSX requires pre-compiled libs at:

  1. “make update” doesn’t download the lib as which works fine with blender master
  2. What is the different between /lib/darwin-9.x.universal and /lib/darwin? Last is used for blender master
  3. Do I need /lib/darwin-9.x.universal and where can I find it?



(scorpion81) #1544


darwin is a newer set of precompiled libraries, compared to darwin-9.x.universal, and the latter is not available in trunk anymore. But it is still here
https://svn.blender.org/svnroot/bf-blender/tags/blender-2.79-release/lib/ (a tag which contains the libraries for the 2.79 release, where the FM still bases on.)
When 2.79a will be compeletely tagged in the sources (usually after its release) i will merge 2.79a -> FM and it will base on 2.79a then.
And yes, you need to svn checkout https://svn.blender.org/svnroot/bf-blender/tags/blender-2.79-release/lib/darwin-9.x.universal in order to build the 2.79 based FM under mac osx.

(roughsporty) #1545


thank your for your explanation. Works fine :slight_smile:

(BachManiac1) #1546


how can I extend the fracture-modifier in the timeline? when I change the End-Frame from 250 to 300 in the timeline, the modifier stops working on 250.


(BachManiac1) #1547


How can I extend the fracture-modifier in the timeline? when I extend the timeline from 250 frames to 300 frames the modifier only works til frame 250. the yellow bar on the timeline stops on frame 250 either. I cannot find any option to extend the modifier to frame 300. can you please help me? thanks!

(scorpion81) #1548

You can increase the rigidbody cache duration in the scene panel according to the new endframe (or longer) in order to let the sim run longer. This affects all rigidbody simulations, btw.

(notbyhalf) #1549

My apologies if this has been mentioned before (couldn’t find it via search).

I have downloaded the current OSX build
(2017-10-08 19:42) Branch: facture_modifier (modified)
and I’m following a tutorial that refers to the Remesh modifer, which has a Particles tab and Metaball mode.

It doesn’t appear to be available … or have I missed something?


(scorpion81) #1550

The metaball remesher has been added after the 2.79 release of FM, but you are lucky :slight_smile: Yesterday i already merged 2.79a -> latest FM and there already is a 2.79a FM version (this might change if there are changes from the 2.79a side still). And it contains the new metaball remesher.
Here you go (mac version) https://drive.google.com/open?id=1oUxkgZj0fSjSG02w9yeQjeDSsVKvErsG
linux version : http://www.jensverwiebe.de/Blender/BlenderFracture-2.79a-linux64-glibc219.tar.xz
windows version : to be built still

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Thank you Scorpio!

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Hi, sorry for the late reply, seems your post was delayed until it appeared here, and i saw it just today. Hmm do you have a simple demo blend (where you parent your highres fracs to the shards and where ghost doesnt work with regular rigidbodies ?) Ghost “per se” works with regular rigidbodies, only a trigger object which is ghost seems not to work yet (it still collides, instead of just touching and activating and flying farther). But it sounds your issue isnt related to triggering, hmmmmm…

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Evolution of the Multipass feature test scene - WIP

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Ya baby fracture ON!

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Ha. No probs but I was thinking I’ve been left out of the fracture party! I think I did a terrible job of explaining my problem but you’re correct in thinking its related to triggering. I’ll PM you a couple of simplified versions of the sinkhole simulation. One blend file of my ideal setup and another of my current system, with a brief explanation of both.

(Kai Kostack) #1556

Windows version: http://graphicall.org/1148

(Kai Kostack) #1557

Evolution of the Multipass feature test scene - WIP #2

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Oh ya! Fracture ON!

(tungee) #1559

Martin, what does exactly does the new metaball weights function in detail?
Best Regards

(scorpion81) #1560

It allows to set a multiplication factor for the metaball size (x, y, z) on each of the “source” vertices of the mesh from whose verts the metaballs are generated. Note, to allow negative metaballs (as those are possible with the existing metaball system as well), the weight 0…1 maps to a factor from -0.5 … 0.5 atm, for the sake of simplicity. So a weight > 0.5 should result into a positive (smaller) metaball, and each weight < 0.5 should make the metaball negative (subtracting it from the metaball mesh, instead of adding it). Weight 0.5 is for zero size here. To adjust the “range” up to factor 1 of the size, the base size should be 2.0 for example… Not the ideal solution, but since there are afaik no negative weights, I had to improvise here.
The overall goal is to be able to make “Holes” in the metaball mesh / surface.