[Custom Build] Blender Fracture Modifier

(wolfie138) #1761

I’ve gone back to my wall scene, the one i was having trouble w/ above. it still works fine, but i wanted to try exporting it to another file, so i clicked Convert To Keyframed Objects, and it’s messing up some of teh blocks:

i’ve tried this on a simpler wall and it worked ok, can’t think what’s different on this one aside from it being taller and having the Constraint things to make just the top level fracture. the middle part doesn’t really move so it’s odd that it’s that bit that’s getting mesed up.

(scorpion81) #1762

Could you please provide this exact blend file ?
Doesnt look like it “weighs” several Gigabytes lol… even low 100-ish Megabyte would be ok (googledrive et al are your friends there)
Its just that it takes very long for me to experiment and to guess what steps you might have taken so far.
I would really need to see that blend in order to check it for possible errors in setup or in the code / blender.
Additionally i might need it to debug blender and test what exactly happens when you do certain stuff with this blend.

(JTA) #1763

Yay! Albin MERLE finished the Fracture Modifier plane crash tutorial! Merci beaucoup Albin!

(Kai Kostack) #1764

All simulations in this short film were done with FM :slightly_smiling_face:

(woot) #1765

I’m having an issue with the grid type fracturing. There are some sort of “panels” attached to my blocks. I’ve tried a couple of things but I can’t get it to work. Can someone help me?


(scorpion81) #1766

I assume you want to “decompose” that airplane “minecraft-style” into its individual cubes (and use constraints)
I did following steps:

  1. remove the FM from the airplane
  2. Add a Particle system: Start 1, End 1, Volume, Grid, Resolution 61 (can be typed in)
  3. add a cube with dimensions 1,1,1 and add it as dupli object to the particle system. this way on each particle you will get a cube. Possibly that shape is not 100 % exact. but it can be tweaked later…
  4. convert the particle system to real objects
  5. Join the cubes to “reconstruct” the airplane
  6. add an FM and disable all fracture sources (uncheck “Uniform”, too, with shift click) and execute fracture… this way all pre-existing islands (= the cubes) will be made to individual rigidbodies
  7. add constraints (optionally)
  8. Now the airplane should break into its cubes. You can edit the mesh and add / remove a couple of incorrectly placed cubes. (if you fractured already, dont forget to re-fracture then.)
  9. then simulate and done.

I added a pre-made example file here. (without editing by hand)

(drgci) #1767

Will there be a build for the blender 2.8?

(Kai Kostack) #1768

Not yet but in the future.

(Kai Kostack) #1769

Development reel of one scene of the short movie Nostalghia, done with BCB + FM

(jensverwiebe) #1770

I have Linux builds already in testing, but those are not yet featurecomplete, neither has B 2.8 some mandatory caching techniques yet available in api. Also the helper addon is not yet ported.