[Custom Build] Dyntopo improvement: TopoRake

(Michael Knubben) #21

Great! I’ll be following this, seems like it’ll be a great improvement to the Dyntopo workflow at lower resolutions.

(Bohdan Lvov) #22

holy hell, that’s incredible!

(Jeacom) #23

Good news, it got commited.

Dyntopo tests
(Monorender) #24

Great news! You did a great job. I think it will be so useful in the creation of crisp edges without over-increase the polycount.

Thanks for your effort.

(Charlie) #25

Awesome, it’s a great feeling to contribute to such a great project.

(Ace Dragon) #26

I just tried it.

Dyntopo with toporake + the Tries to Quad operator + subsurf = a mesh that is almost to the point of being production-quality.

Alternatively, since Multires is getting an overhaul as well, just add the multires modifier and finish the mesh with the sculpt tools, could be a boon for creatures and other forms of organic modeling.

(0rAngE) #27

Wow. That seemed like a very quick and efficient commit! Congrats!

So happy to see this in!!!
The latest buildbot’s already got it!

We The Dyntop Crew ™ are a happy bunch!

@Jeacom, thanks again on the hard work and the ingenious idea!!!
:beers: :+1:

(yakuzakazuya) #28

Thank you @Jeacom for this wonderful feature. Can’t wait to try it on a sculpt! :+1:

(Zinogg) #29

really nice improvement, congrats on the commit.

(Metin Seven) #30

:smiley::+1::+1: Great job, @Jeacom, and thanks to @brecht for the commit.

(czerw) #31

Did not try it yet, but looks really useful, thank you @Jeacom!

(Lopo Isaac) #32

I’m trying this and impressed with the results. Thank you very much!!

(uruburei) #33

impressive feature. I hope it’s part of the trunk.

(Bohdan Lvov) #34

Absolutely thrilling experience. Dyntopo workflow became much more enjoyable. Thanks!

(TheRedWaxPolice) #35

Amazing… Congrats…

Also thx Brecht for the fast review and commit.

Cool stuff… :+1:

(yakuzakazuya) #36

A real gamechanger! Sculpting dyntopo eyes is so much easier now. Thank you so much :blush:
A quick 30 minutes doodle:

Added hair:

(Metin Seven) #37

It’s a really powerful function indeed. In fact, I’d prefer a global checkbox option next to the slider as an alternative to having to set it for each individual brush. I’ve added this as a feature suggestion at Right-Click Select.

By the way, I noticed that Topology Rake seems to diminish the effect of a brush function in favor of reorganizing the surrounding edge loops. For example there’s less pinching when using the Pinch brush. But this can be compensated by increasing the brush strength.

(Bohdan Lvov) #38

yeah, it would be awesome

(Jeacom) #39

This is because Topoake is a modified smoothing routine, just like autosmooth but smarter. so It literally smoothes the mesh in the direction you paint but tries to preserve volume, which reduce the strength of the other brushes.
I tried with another variation of the algorithm that snaps the vertices to the directions but the result is crappy.

(Jeacom) #40

Also, did anyone felt a performance loss with toporake? brecht even mentioned that in the description of the slider.