Custom BVH files? I can do them for you.

Out of curiosity, would anyone be interested in custom BVH files for your animations? I have an Optitrack 8-camera rig and may be able to provide you with an action that you just can’t find out there. I want the prices to be very low. Less than 5 bucks? I am limited to a 10-foot radius, so I can’t give you an animation running all around (although I may find a cheap treadmill and offer walks and run cycles). But for simple movements like sitting, taking a few steps, opening a door, gesturing, or just shifting weight, it’s really awesome!

If I get enough interest, I’ll make up a webpage to feature all this.
Let me know.

  • David Lindsley

Seems really good. Would be awesome for a short film I’m making since I need some simple but specific fight sequences which I can’t find online.

I think that is pretty cool.

Actually I am interested in a similar set up. So if you don’t mind explaining how yours is set up and working I am interested.

But I think you could start by setting up a website and putting up some BVH files, maybe a few free samples and get some feedback. There is quite a market for it and I am sure you could find a niche.