Custom car (based on Ferrari F430 and F50)

Okay, this is my first car attempt in blender, and this is what it looks like.

Of course it needs some work, but does anything stick out to you guys? I need to finish the wheels, interior, and get the materials looking better (mats are definently my weak spot), also ignore the windshield by the door, I haven’t even started on it yet lol. Can anyone give me some tips? Does anything just pop out as looking weird?

Also, I am working on the door seams and hood seams (the hood was bump mapped). How should I do this? It seems like a simple thing, but every time I try it, it just looks funny. Like I said, I bump mapped the hood for the seams, but it still looks a little awkward.

Last but not least, there seems to be some rendering problems. Notice the segment I have circled has a checkered pattern, when it is supposed to just be normal. What is going on here? Just for test purposes, I rendered with luxrender, and it goes away, but for an unknown reason this shows up rendered within blender. Anyone have a clue?

Thanks - Tanner

I guess I will scrap it then… :no:

Are there overlapping faces?

There are several places where the lines look bumby, and could do with being a bit smoother. e.g. bumper, window frame. I reckon this could be due to a hard to edit mesh perhaps? You could post a wireframe. Also, I think the roof might be too small, makes the windows look a bit too tilted.

Here are some pics

As you can see, I haven’t even touched it since I posted. I am getting a little bogged down.