Custom Car Rim (need some help)

Hello everyone,

I’m currently attempting to make a custom car rim (a Lexani Artemis, specifically) I started with the spokes, worked my way down to near the middle portions, but now I’m at a loss for a good strategy for filling in the void in between the lug nut holes and the spokes. I had one method that produced decent topology for the overall curvature of the rim, but trying to decipher what goes where when it comes to face creation near the holes was proving to be difficult.

The poly count is high because there are several ways to customize this rim in terms of coloring as a real product, and I wish to emulate this for the model (this could be easy to accomplish using a texture truthfully but I prefer using raw materials) I have followed Andrew Price’s tutorial on modeling a car rim in the past, but this rim is too different to use said tutorial effectively.

I’ll keep trying to find a way but if anyone can give me an idea, I’d appreciate it. Thanks