Custom Centenario

Custom Centenario. Trying out different paint materials.

Blender, Cycles, Substance Painter, Photoshop CS6

Very nice and realistic render!

Looks great. Love the paint.

That tire is TOP NOTCH!

Thanks guys! I appreciate the feedback.

Nice work and really photorealistic render.

Nice shot, Jack! I love the paint and the tires, and the whole car looks great overall. Very real feeling to the image. Nicely done!

Wow… Never thought I would see Andrew Price’s wheels again. At least you changed the sidewall.

WHy adding a photo dude :wink:

You got more shots from the epic looking model?

a tutorial about mesh, materials and other effects, especially for the headlights set to ON, will be very appreciated.
Top work

Amazing work. The tyres look absolutely fantastic with dust and everything! :slight_smile:

Materials, model and composition mood looks great.only one little thing noticed.the front tyre sticks to much out.for a showroom car ok,but for a race car not.because ,if you drive over a curb ,or something bumpy,your tyre would hit the fender,and should be inside the fender.

The colors the camera angle the blur ugh i love it so much <3

Wow, I didn’t even notice I got top row! Thanks so much guys. Esparadrapo; what do you mean about Andrew Price’s wheels? These are mine that I designed and modeled.

Looks great. Love the car.