Custom Chopper - Bike W.I.P

Hey everybody, i recently started building a custom chopper in blender, i started out by finding some references on the chassis, and then build my way up.

So here’s how far ive come in 1 hour.

I love it!..ive always tried ot build a bike but it always turns into something retarted…nice job!..i would make the tank…umm more strectched vertically

Wow - that is so amazing for 1 hours work! Anyway, maybe you should use a slightly different camera angle to show the WIP, I get an optical illusion that the handle bar is extra long or some.
Another feature that impresses me that you got the proportions right, and not taking any short with the frame. Perhaps a render with just the frame is on order too ?

Love to view more updates!

oh yea…are u planning on make this a SUPER high poly thing or…just a normalish type of thing?

thanks for the comments :slight_smile:

Blender Spartan - Im gonna make this high poly i think, but right now im just defining the shape and such. and then after im gonna make the details :slight_smile:

kk awesome

Alright, been using about a hour today on making some more stuff, ive made the following; New handles, brakes / Clutch, Headlight, Rims + bolts.

Feel free to leave Comments and Critique :slight_smile:

The handles the selves look fine, but that tube that joins them should be much shorter, especially after the bend. And anothering, none of the links to Imageshack work properly. they are all just links to Imageshack’s homepage.

I dont agree with you at all, first of all; the handlebars are perfect length in my opinion, its a custom chopper, and the handles are ment to be large.

How detailed do you plan to get with this project? I think you have the basic proportions right, although it might be helpful to see a straight-on side view to be sure. The devil is in the details, IMHO, especially with something as essentially mechanical as a motorcycle. I think you need to look at reference images, see how the engine relates to the transmission, how the carburetors mount, how the exhaust comes out of the cylinder head rather than the crankcase. How the wheels mount to the frame and forks, how the chain or belt routes from the engine to the rear wheel. Find pictures of bare frames to see how they lay out - most (in my experience) have a single tube back from the steering head to a spot just behind the tank where it splits to go to the back wheel. The tubes don’t run thru the tank, rather the tank sits over the top tube and drapes down either side. That said, it’s a good start and I’ll enjoy watching your progress.

Oh, BTW, I kind of like the proportions of the handlebars.

-Klaatuteela ; About the motor, i just made a VERY fast “motor-like” thingie, im going to replace it later on with a detailed motor :slight_smile: and the same goes for other parts, Exhaust, cords and such :slight_smile:

Right now im just trying to get the basic shapes and such :slight_smile:

Thanks for the comments :slight_smile:

Very cool. I look forward to seeing how it turns out. I’d love to do a bike when I get a bit better at Blender.

Ill not be working on the bike for 1 day, got some other work to do :slight_smile:

But ill continue in about a day