Custom Chopper, DONE!!!

This is it for now…i will eventually make some sort of scene for the bike and there will be numerous versions of it renderd in different colors and designs. Tell me what you think… :smiley:

Nice breather cover :wink:

damn, that is sweet.

theres something missing though, it looks very skinnf and hollow, i cant put my finger on it…

perhaps grunt up the engine a bit, make it a bit bigger?

wow man that is very cool


yesh, very cool, cool like a tioger

nice adittion of the blender logo into the engine LOL


How long do your arms have to be to reach the handlebars?
Seems a fair distance. Model a rider for it too :slight_smile:

This is straight out of Orange County Choppers. Good job. Good modeling and attention to detail.

Do you have any intentions of rendering this in either Yafray of PovRay? An HDR image would be nice also.

nice nice… but I agree, you have bend those handles back more… make them longer… to give it the classic “ape-hanger” feel… otherwise you cannot stear that thing.


Great !!

Why not trying a raytracing render to give the chrome real reflection ?

:o superb!

One thing though :wink: - on the discovery show (which i remember inspired you) Jesse James created a custom leather seat with their emblem ?stitched? on it and it brought the seat to life. I suppose you could do the same, cause IMO the seat doesn’t do the bike justice.

Love the paint job, by the way :wink:
Keep it up!

Very nice and a great render.

Well done.


Those kind of choppers aren’t meant for casual riding - mostly for show…

If they get ridden, usually it’s roughly in a straight line at low speed…

At least that’s how it is with those around here…

Looks awsome man .
The engine seems a little weak or lacking of detail
alot better than I have come up with Ive been trying to model a motorbike as my second project , but its causing me alot of pain LOL … I wish I had that blend to modify it LOL

Good job bro 8)