Custom computers.

A friend e-mail’d me this link:
A true custom computer.

I have to make one of those :o

It does have a certain appeal doesn’t it? Perfect for those all night Blending sessions.

Interesting…I’ve seen a lot of very cool things done with computers, but this is the first I’ve ever seen an integrated coffee maker. It seems a natural combination for the ubergeek crowd. I think though, that had he waited a bit for the new Pentium chips to arrive, he may not have even needed a hotplate. : )

ROFL… I think I just spent a full hour on the PimpRig site. I’ve had a hankering to custom-build or custom-mod a case ever since I first saw a site, I think it was called Hard OCP.

When I get back home and have ample workspace, and get a new job and have ample cashflow, I’m definitely going to get to work. :slight_smile:

One thought I’ve had was to custom build a new computer desk. Very nice, real wood (I’m really tired of cheapy particle-board stuff covered in vineer). I’d build into that essentially two case bays. Then take a case, remove the front, and build a new matching wood facade complete with air intakes, visible status LEDs, and a wooden door to cover the CD/DVD drives. Do this twice, of course, for both computers, and design them to simply slide in like a drawer, and lock in place. On the other side, custom cabinet for a mini-fridge perhaps. :slight_smile: Be really nice if I could find a way to build a drink fridge INTO the desk… but that may be too much work, hehe. I’d love to try to do the same for the monitors, but then, opening those up would void the warranty, and I plan to get a really good monitor soon, and I’d want a valid warranty if spending that kind of money. Perhaps a nice semi-concealing frame that opens, allowing access to the monitor’s front panel. Of course… this is all way down the line, and I should probably start smaller, lol.