Custom CS:GO reload animation

I recently made a custom reload animation for the M4A4 from CS:GO with sound, what do you guys think? Are there any improvements I can make for future animations?

I really like it but at the end I feel like when he cocks the gun it looks kind of floaty and very light, when it would be nice to make it look like he was really pulling something with more weight. Good job though

It looks good to me. I would say however, that when he pulls out the magazine, he does so too easily. Shouldn’t he have to unlatch it first somehow? (I’m not familiar with that gun) Then he should have to pull it out with at least some force. Here he pulls it too cleanly. You can also maybe animate the fingers a little more when he goes to reach for the magazine. Maybe he pulls his hand a bit more left before reaching for it. I don’t know how this will look, but think it might be cool to have his hand shake a tiny bit more than his forearm. I agree with voxelHound on when he cocks the gun.

Also, the sound continues even after he is done firing.

Another thing that might be cool is to have the gun rotate a bit more during the re coil so as to lessen the shooter’s accuracy. The way it is now, it looks like the recoil isn’t really hindering him as much as I think it would. I could be wrong.