Custom Fender Toronado

Hi All,

This is my first post, and for it, I’m posting my first substantial project. This is a custom guitar that I am thinking about really building. I figured that I’d use my knowledge of Blender to visualize my ideas. It started out as only a guitar, but I figured I needed a scene to go with it, and this is what evolved.

I think that I am going to use this as a basis for my first character animation. I will add a person and have him pickup and play a few notes on the guitar.


Nice work on textures, and the stool and the effect pedal are well modeled. Still, I wouldn’t call this a finished project, even if it’s a very good first project.

Are you sure about your guitar’s head ? It looks like more “modern” makes than Fender.

The standard Fender head might be an interesting exercise :

… unless your custom guitar has a custom head.

The guitar body and the amp’s edges seem too sharp, they would look better if you beveled them. If you look at the photo, you will also see that the body isn’t flat : there is a large bevel on top left. (AFAIK, the only Fender with a completely flat top is the Telecaster). If you did bevel them, then your materials or your lighting have to be refined. Try to replace the black parts of materials with very dark grey and make them more specular.

You might also improve your wall’s texture to make it more irregular (therefore more interesting), for instance with a bumpmap. Then your lighting would be more realistic if you used soft shadows on your lamp, or an area light : the cast shadow is too sharp to be real.

Please ignore these remarks if you don’t want your project to be realistic.

I wish my first project was as good as this… I didn’t even dare to post it anywhere.

Thanks for the insight. I think that I will go ahead and make some of the texturing and shadow changes that you mentioned.

Good eye on the headstock. You are absolutly correct, this is not a Fender head. This is actually a reverse Jackson headstock/neck. I like the look of it more than the Fender because the Toronado has a more modern look then the vintage Strats or Telecasters, in my opinion. Plus I am not a big fan of the string trees that are required on standard Fender heads, and this head doesn’t need them.

I was basing the body off the 2005 Toronado GT HH series, which is the only other Fender that I know of that doesn’t have the bevel where your arm would go. I do agree that the amp looks too square. I don’t own an amp that big, so I didn’t have a particularly good reference.

The focus of the project was the guitar, which is why I posted it as a finished project, but this will not be the last time this guitar will be seen in my works. The project that I am planning next will feature it extensively, perhaps with a few tweaks.

Again, thanks for your comments and insight.

Well, I don’t mean to turn this into a guitar thread.

Jackson ‘reversed’ headstocks do look cool, it’s a good choice. I’m just rather old school when it comes to guitars,but it’s your model after all ! I didn’t know about the toronado 2005 didn’t have the ‘arm bevel’. (I thought only telecasters didn’t).

Please allow me to insist on the small bevel around the guitar top… it usually looks better on all models, because no real object has real square angles. If it is here and not visible, then it is a lighting or a material problem. Only small objects like your (boss ?) pedal and razorblades don’t need them.

About the amp, you can find a lot of photos on the Web. I don’t know what brand it is supposed to be, but reference photos aren’t too difficult to find. If you look here :, you can see that the bevel is quite large. The makers also seem to prefer anthracite to black materials (they would look horrible when dirty).